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Treatment of knee roughness with stem cell injection

the definition

The roughness of the knee is a very stressful disease for many patients. It impedes the patient from practicing his normal life. Movement is limited, and he is not able to perform his work periodically or meet his needs.
It is an erosion of the outer layer of the cartilage covering the thigh and shin bones, in addition to the formation of some bony protrusions that increase the intensity of pain, and the degree of pain varies with the degree of roughness.

the reasons

- overweight
Standing for long periods of time
Exercise with heavyweights
Some immune diseases affecting the joints. Rheumatoid
Inflammation of the synovial pad around the knee cap
Inflammation of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the knee
Muscle contraction around the knee
- It violated the cruciate tendons
Erosion of the meniscus due to a wrong movement with heavyweight or force of movement in the wrong direction.

Knee pain or both
Pain that extends to the lower leg
Joint crackling with movement
With severe degrees of roughness; Joint movement stiffness. That is, the patient's inability to fully bend or straighten his leg.
The degrees of the roughness of the knee joint range from mild to moderate to severe, depending on the development of the roughness.

Methods of Treatment

- The limited and non-surgical interventions for the patient to bother with surgical interventions, are safe, easy, and simple. It does not take long inside the operating room, and it is done using local anesthesia, and the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day and can practice his normal life as soon as possible.

These techniques include several options, including:

Stem cell injection: Stem cells are extracted from abdominal fat, which are cells that can be modified. These cells are treated in the laboratory and re-injected into the joint to help rebuild cartilage.
Easy, simple, safe, and risk-free technology.

Other ways to treat knee roughness without surgery

Treatment of knee roughness with plasma injection
Treatment of knee roughness with thermal frequency
Treatment of knee roughness with hyaluronic injection
Advantages of treating knee roughness without surgery

As mentioned earlier, these interventions are limited. That is, it does not need to open or cut surgically, simple, easy, and safe.
It does not take much time in the operating room, half an hour at most.
- These interventions are performed under the influence of local anesthesia, and total anesthesia is not used
The patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day
The patient returns to his normal life in the shortest possible time. From two to three days.
It must be noted that the patient must adhere to all the doctor's instructions to rest, not to follow the stressful daily life practices that aggravate the pain, and to stop the wrong habits that worsen the situation. From losing weight if it was overweight, not carrying heavy things, reducing the effort of daily work, and not fixing the body in wrong positions that harm the joints or the spine. In addition to being keen to exercise even as little as possible, and to emphasize the correct session during our daily life

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