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Cancer pain treatment

Treating cancer pain - The patient with cancerous tumors suffers from persistent chronic pain, and there are many causes for the pain, including what the tumor causes from pressure on the nerves or from the treatment itself. Oncology patients are treated by injecting pain-carrying nerves.

If there is a pain in the upper abdomen (pancreatic tumor, liver - stomach), the sympathetic nerve is injected into the upper abdomen

If there is a pain in the lower abdomen (tumor of the bladder, prostate, uterus, and ovaries), the sympathetic nerve feeding into the lower abdomen is injected

If there is pelvic pain, it is treated with nerve injections
In the event of a fracture of the vertebrae, a cement injection is done in the vertebrae
If there is a pain in the lower back
If there is a pain in the face

(We do not cure cancer itself, but we treat the pain of cancer by stopping the nerve transferring the meaningful pain to the areas affected by cancer)

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