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About Dr.Mohamed Koura

Dr. Mohamed Koura is: - Interventional Pain Managment Consultant in Egypt 🇪🇬 and UAE 🇦🇪 -FIPP Certified - EDPM Certified -Dr. Koura CLINICS Founder.

  • Fellow of interventional pain practice from world institue of pain - FIBB, Miami, USA.
  • The European Diploma in Medicine - EDPM, Valencia.

- The first to introduce the Disc FX technology for the treatment of herniated disc in Egypt and the Middle East

- The first to use the Epiduoroscope technique to treat herniated discs in Egypt and the Middle East

- Training a number of newly graduated doctors to perform interventions and use modern techniques for interventional therapy, and prepare them for the labor market

- Opening another branch for us in Dubai - UAE

- Consultant of interventional Pain management and Founder at Dr koura pain management & spine Clinic, Egypt.

- Resident of anaesthesia and pain management at Neurosurgery hospital, Egypt.

- Pain Management and Anaesthesia Resident at Al-Azhar University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.

- INTENSIVE training course - Lumbar spine (Munich - Germany).

- Certificate of attending the knee roughness conference (Spain).

- Certificate of attendance at the Conference on Rough Knee (Marrakech - Morocco)

- Certificate of the lower extremities and pelvic interventions conference under the supervision of the International Institute for Pain Management.

- Certificate of Joint Pain Management Conference (Budapest, Romania)

- Certificate of the General Conference of the Institute for International Pain Therapy in New York

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Our Mission

Since 2013 we started the first lines of success stories with our patients by gaving them the medical service they deserve.


Providing the best medical service that competes with international centers worldwide - To give the patient a feeling of comfort - trust &happiness thorugh our medical journey .


providing our clients with all possibilities they need to look better with best youth manner through best nutration courses with the main medical plan