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The cost of radiofrequency treatment for the fifth nerve.

The fifth nerve is a neurological disorder in the face, causing sudden pain, especially in the lower face, jaw, around the nose, ears, eyes, and lips. It is considered one of the most painful conditions affecting the patient. Neuralgia refers to severe pain along the nerve due to nerve irritation or damage. Trigeminal neuralgia affects the trigeminal nerve, one of the most widespread nerves in the head. Typically, the pain is severe and occurs on one side of the face, often due to blood vessels pressing on the trigeminal nerve's root, and it can be treated with anticonvulsant medications or various surgical procedures.

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Treatment of the fifth nerve with radio-frequency

The fifth nerve is one of the twelve cerebral nerves, and it has three main branches that nourish the sensation of the face. The pain of the fifth nerve is one of the worst pain that affects the patient because of its severity and severity. The fifth nerve may be affected by one of its branches, or the inflammation may come in the three branches.

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Minimally invasive treatment of face and head pain

Some symptoms of face and head pain may be similar, which leads some to include them all under a general diagnosis, which is headache, and the solution and common treatment is to take analgesic drugs, which may work to solve the problem relatively and for a specific time, but without a solution to the main cause of the problem because analgesics are not the solution

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