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Lower back pain in the lumbar region has many causes, one of the most common causes is a herniated disc, degrees of pain range from mild to severe, and the patient may suffer from other symptoms such as pain and a burning sensation in the legs, along with numbness. Modern pain medicine techniques have arrived to treat such problems and symptoms without the need for surgery, exposing the patient to other unnecessary risks and problems. And the patient must early detection to avoid delaying the situation to the point of no return to surgical intervention.

the reasons

Herniated disc in general has many causes, including weight gain, but our wrong use of the back during our life and our daily practice is the most common cause of lumbar herniated disc. Add to that the office session throughout the day and fixing the back in a certain position, or carrying heavy objects in the wrong way, or driving the car for long periods continuously without rest.


  • Lower back pain
  • Leg pain above the knee
  • Sciatica inflammation
  • Leg numbness

All these symptoms indicate that there is a herniated lumbar herniated disc and causing pressure on the nerve roots, which leads to inflammation of sciatica. But; There are some symptoms that necessitate the patient to urgently seek an urgent surgical solution, namely: a feeling of numbness around the anus, dropping of a metatarsal and inability to walk, urinary retention, loss of control of the anus.

Methods of Treatment

The treatment methods are divided into medicinal treatment that is a muscle relaxant with pain reliever and some physical therapy sessions as a preliminary step to deal with back pain and its problems as soon as it appears, and this is the first stage.

And patients used to say that if they did not recover on drug and natural treatment, their next step is surgical treatment and the famous operation to remove the cartilage and stabilize the vertebrae, which frightens patients and keeps them away from caring for the back, its pains and problems, until the surgery becomes inevitable.

But with the advancement of medicine and with the availability of the latest techniques for treating lumbar herniated discs without surgery in our center. Dealing with lumbar herniated discs, back pain and leg pain has become simpler, easier and safer.

Laser herniated disc treatment

The laser device, as it is, was kind to Professor Dr. Muhammad Qura explaining to us in the above video, it is very simple and easy and has no danger or fear of it, this intervention is limited by a simple needle through which the laser fibers enter to vaporize and cauterize the slipped part of the lumbar cartilage.

It takes approximately one-third to half an hour inside the operating room, using the interventional radiology device, inside the cardiac catheterization room, and under the influence of local anesthetic. As a patient, I was assured that I had avoided all the risks of the surgery, the problems of general anesthesia, and I was discharged from the hospital the same day.

Other ways to treat lower back pain without surgery

- Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a mini-laparoscopy
Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a sacral canal scope
Treatment of recurrent lumbar herniated disc and the syndrome of previous surgeries
Treatment of lumbar herniated disc and stiffness of the lumbar vertebrae with thermal frequency
Lumbar nerve root injection.
Treatment of lumbar nerve root inflammation with thermal frequency
Catheter expansion of the neural tube
Advantages of laser lumbar herniated disc treatment

We do not call it an operation except because it takes place inside the operating room. It is a minimally invasive procedure during which no incisions or cuts are made. Safe, easy and simple, it does not take more than half an hour in the operating room under the influence of local anesthetic.

Damage to laser herniated disc treatment

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