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The search for the non- surgical techniques of pain treatment lead the blogger Mahmoud Khattab to visit Dr. Koura's center.

Blogger Mahmoud Khattab visited Dr. Mohamed Koura's center for non-surgical spine and joint treatment in search of newsiest treatment techniques.

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Dr. Koura's participation in the Pain Treatment Conference in Budapest is a new journey towards exploring non-surgical techniques for treating the spine and joints.

The field of medical sciences is constantly evolving, with doctors and researchers tirelessly seeking innovative ways to improve patient care. In pursuit of this goal, renowned pain specialist Dr. Koura recently participated in the Pain Treatment Conference held in Budapest, Hungary, known as EFIC 2023.

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Dr. Koura’s endeavor to bring more non-surgical techniques by participating in the Pain Treatment Conference in Germany is a new step forward in the field of pain management

Dr. koura, renowned for his expertise in pain management, recently participated in a prestigious pain treatment conference held in Hamburg. The conference's primary focus was exploring innovative techniques for treating spinal and joint pain without resorting to invasive surgeries. As a leading figure in this field, Dr. Koura presence at the conference not only showcased his commitment to advancing pain management but also provided him with the opportunity to engage in practical simulations using spinal cord stimulater. 

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