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traetment of trigeminal neuralgia

Definition of the fifth nerve

The fifth nerve is one of the twelve cerebral nerves, and it has three main branches that nourish the sensation of the face. The pain of the fifth nerve is one of the worst pain that affects the patient because of its severity and severity. The fifth nerve may be affected by one of its branches, or the inflammation may come in the three branches.

Causes of fifth nerve pain

The cause of trigeminal neuralgia may be primary; That is, without a known cause or secondary cause; That is, due to another problem such as pressure of a small blood vessel on the nerve nucleus, brain tumors, or nerve inflammation.

Symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia

Pain in the face, and this pain is at the site of inflammation, either in the entire nerve, so the pain is in a specific side of the right or left face. Either the pain is in the location of one of the three branches.

Facial pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia is on one side or side of the face, and it is rare on both sides.

Methods of treating the fifth nerve without surgery

Diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia is one of the challenges facing dentists in particular, because it may come with pain in the molar, and the pain continues even after the extraction of one or two molars, after which the patient goes to a neurologist to receive the appropriate drug treatment and the patient relaxes for some time, but the severe pain soon returns. .
What distinguishes our center is that it is a treatment center for pain, it is easy to diagnose pain of the fifth nerve from the beginning, and even treat it with an advanced step, which is the limited non-surgical interventions - if the patient has passed the stage of drug treatment - which is the thermal frequency of the nucleus of the fifth nerve at the base of the skull.

Thermal frequency:

It is a computer system technology that sends thermal frequencies through a needle that is directed to the nucleus of the fifth nerve at the base of the skull.
This limited intervention is done inside the operating room to ensure sterilization by using local anesthesia and guided by the interventional radiology device. It takes about a third of an hour inside the operating room, and then the patient returns to his hospital room and can return home the same day.
- After the heat frequency, the patient does not feel real improvement until after two weeks, the patient may fluctuate between improvement and pain, and this is normal, and the patient should not worry. The more the patient commits to rest at home during the two weeks and avoids noise, nervousness and intense light, the greater his chances of improvement.
Advantages of treating trigeminal neuralgia without surgery

We do not call it an operation except because it takes place inside the operating room. It is a minimally invasive procedure during which no incisions or cuts are made. Safe, easy and simple, it does not take more than half an hour in the operating room under the influence of local anesthetic. The patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day, and will restore his work and normal life as soon as possible.

Damage to treating the fifth nerve with thermal frequency

Heat frequency is considered one of the safest methods of treating the fifth nerve. And that is to conduct it very precisely. And there is no possibility of error. Especially when it is done by Dr. Muhammad Qura. One of the most skilled doctors in interventional pain therapy.