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Spinal Canal Stenosis treatment without surgery

The neural canal is the nerve roots, the neural canal, and there are ligaments surrounding the vertebrae, which enhances the stability of the spine, its movements begin with all treachery, and the narrowing of the neural canal occurs in the lumbar vertebrae near causes.

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treatment of facet joint arthropathy

there are many causes of back pain and so there are treatments according to the cause , but in this article we describe the non surgical treatments ways

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Lumbosacral nerve roots injection

The lumbar nerve roots are the nerves that supply the lower back region with the entire buttocks and lower limbs, and lumbar nerve inflammation may occur at the roots or the extremities, and all has its causes.

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Treatment of lumbosacral disc prolapse with radiofrequency

Treatment of herniated disc with thermal frequency by the method of local anesthesia and interventional rays after the image taken was shown on a display screen on the device immediately and we were able to take multiple pictures quickly in a few seconds

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