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pricing of herniated disc treatment in Egypt

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pricing of herniated disc treatment in Egypt


In the realm of modern medicine, spinal problems, particularly disc

herniation, pose a significant health challenge for many individuals. Disc herniation causes severe pain and can lead to a reduction in mobility.

However, with the advancement of medical technology, new and sophisticated techniques have emerged to treat this condition, with costs varying to reflect scientific progress and ongoing improvements in healthcare. Various modern techniques for treating disc herniation are available at Dr. Mohamed Koura's center, as he is a leading expert in this field,

continuously staying abreast of the latest therapeutic techniques through his participation in various international conferences alongside eminent doctors and experts from around the world.

Discover with us in the following lines the methods of treating disc herniation in Egypt, the best approaches for its treatment, and the advantages of non-surgical modern techniques, along with their associated costs. Dr. Mohamed Qura's center stands out as a premier institution, providing insight into the forefront of medical advancements in disc herniation treatment.


What are the treatment methods of disc herniation in


It includes the following:

● Medications: Medications are used to reduce pain caused by nerve inflammation, relax muscles, and strengthen nerves.

● Physical Therapy: Physical therapy aims to reduce back pain and strengthen muscles, contributing to the overall improvement of the condition.

● Interventional Therapy: This includes procedures such as laser disc Coblation, radio frequency, nerve root injections, and navigation catheter adhesiolysis.

● Surgery: Surgical interventions may be recommended, such as laminectomy and fixation with plate and screws.


What is the best method for treating disc herniation?

There is no such thing as the "best" method for treating disc herniation, as each case requires an individualized approach based on various factors that determine the most suitable intervention. Generally, choosing a safer and less risky procedure tends to be preferable.



What are the advantages of non-surgical interventional treatment?


We use the term "intervention" because it takes place within the operating room, and its advantages include the following:

● Limited intervention that does not involve any surgical incisions or cuts.

● Precise endoscopy is one of the easiest and safest methods, requiring a relatively short duration.

● Patients do not need to stay in the hospital for several days; they can be discharged on the same day.

● Short recovery period, typically lasting no more than three days spent at home.

● Patients may avoid the need for screws and plates for spinal fusion after the procedure.

● Precise endoscopy provides a definitive treatment, not just a temporary solution for disc herniations.

● Suitable as a medical procedure for all age groups, including elderly individuals and cases of severe obesity.

● Rare occurrence of infections, almost negligible, due to the absence of any wounds, bleeding, or blood transfusions during this procedure.

However, the patient must correctly follow medical instructions to avoid any complications afterward and achieve the desired results from the treatment.


What are the advantages of treating Disc Herniation at Dr.Mohamed Koura’s center?


Our center stands out with several advantages in the treatment of disc herniation. It is a comprehensive facility that offers various treatment modalities and includes different departments, featuring:

● A dedicated section for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

● A medical laboratory section to save time and effort for the patient, eliminating the need to visit other diagnostic centers and incur additional expenses for tests.

● In the event that surgery is necessary, we recommend the best doctors to assist the patient and provide all the necessary comfort and safety.


What is the cost of disc herniation surgery in Egypt?

The cost of disc herniation surgery in Egypt varies based on several factors, including:

● Patient's condition.

● Technology used.

● Materials utilized.

● Equipment used.

● Hospital.

● Supporting devices.

● Nursing.

However, what distinguishes Dr. Mohamed Koura Center is that we perform these interventions at the lowest possible cost, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

In conclusion, having learned about the methods of treating disc herniation and the cost of disc herniation surgery in Egypt, rest assured, dear reader, when you choose Dr. Mohamed Koura Center. We provide the best service at the best cost.

Schedule your appointment with us and forget your pain.