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Endoscopic Expansion of the Neural Canal

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Endoscopic Expansion of the Neural Canal

In our time, back and spine pain has started to spread greatly, especially in the life of those who are proficient in office work and sit daily in front of the computer, as the sitting positions are usually unhealthy, which increases the severity of symptoms. Treatment methods for these pains are physiotherapy, injection to relieve pain, non-surgical intervention or surgeries.

Currently, the non-surgical solution has become the best option, because the experience of doctors and their techniques are in continuous progress, as a new technique has been added using endoscopy without surgery and without pain, which helps speed healing, so this method has been adopted in the most countries of the world.

Thanks to God, this technique is available in Egypt at the center of Dr. Mohamed Koura.


What are the conditions suitable for the endoscopic procedure?

Spine injury cases that are suitable for endoscopic surgery:

They are two types:

1. The condition in which the cartilage is pinching the nerves.

2. The condition in which there is a narrowing of the neurocoele, commonly known as bone pressure on the nerves.

In these cases, the symptoms are pains in the lower back extended to the leg.

Advantages of endoscopic spine surgery?

  • Final, not temporary, solution and treatment.
  • It performs the same purpose as surgery, but without any incision.
  • Suitable for all ages, including the elderly and obese.
  • There is no bleeding or blood transfusion during the operation.
  • The pain is almost non-existent after the operation.
  • Movement and walking immediately after the operation.
  • The wound inflammation is very rare and almost non-existent, as there is no wound.
  • There is no need for physiotherapy because there is no cut in muscles or ligaments that support the spine.
  • The recovery period is very short and the patient can return quickly to work within 3 days to a week at most.


How do we determine the cost of an endoscopic procedure?

The cost varies according to the patient's condition and each case differs from the other in terms of the degree of slippage or stenosis, and also is it in the lumbar or cervical spine? It also depends on the hospital, the assisting staff and the nursing staff, but we are distinguished by the fact that we perform these interventions at the lowest possible cost while ensuring the highest quality and safety requirements.