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Nerve root injection

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Nerve root injection


The lumbar nerve roots are the nerves that supply the lower back region with the entire buttocks and lower limbs, and lumbar nerve inflammation may occur at its roots or extremities, and all has its causes.


- Lumbar herniated disc
- Recovered herniated disc
- Neural canal adhesions and spinal surgery failures
- Narrowing of the nerve canal in the lumbar region.
- Vertebral osteoarthritis in the lumbar region
- One of the causes of inflammation of the peripheral nerves in the legs is diabetes or some other neurological disease.


- Sciatica
- Numbness in one or both legs.
- Symptoms of the cause; Such as lower back pain if the cause is a lumbar herniated disc or leg pain and cramps if the cause is narrowing of the nerve canal.

How it's done?

After determining the cause of the nerve root inflammation, treatment is divided into treating the cause and treating the symptom. Whatever the reason, the treatment is carried out with the appropriate technique for it after reviewing the necessary medical examinations such as x-rays, nerve diagrams, and others, and the treatment steps are divided into medicinal treatment, which is a muscle relaxant with pain reliever and some physical therapy sessions as a first step to deal with nerve pain and its problems as soon as they arise, and these are The first stage.
- The second stage: is to determine the appropriate purification to treat the cause of nerve root inflammation if it is a lumbar herniated disc, for example, it is treated according to its degree, either with laser or mini-endoscopy with lumbar nerve root injection.
As for if the inflammation of nerve roots has no clear cause, as mentioned previously; Lumbar nerve root injection therapy; This is done in two ways, either through the catheter, the navi and it enters from the coccyx area, and the doctor controls the catheter from the outside, and it is completely safe and there is no risk of it on the nerve roots because it is designed to be blunt so it will not be able to injure or harm the nerve roots, and the second method is to inject it from A needle path intended to inject nerve roots only at the level to be injected.

Other ways to treat lower back pain without surgery

- Laser treatment of a lumbar herniated disc.
- Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a mini-endoscope.
- Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a sacral canal endoscope.
- Treatment of recurrent lumbar herniated disc and the syndrome of previous surgeries.
- Treatment of lumbar herniated disc and stiffness of the lumbar vertebrae with radio-frequency
- Treatment of neural tube narrowing spinal canal stenosis without surgery

Advantages of nerve roots injection treatment

We do not call it an operation at all except because it takes place inside the operating room. It is a minimally invasive procedure during which no incisions or cuts are made. Safe, easy and simple, it does not take more than half an hour in the operating room under the influence of local anesthetic.
- It must be noted that the patient must adhere to all the doctor’s instructions to rest, not to follow the stressful daily life practices that aggravate the pain, and to stop the wrong habits that worsen the situation. From losing weight if it was overweight, not carrying heavy things, reducing the effort of daily work, and not fixing the body in wrong positions that harm the joints or the spine. In addition to being keen to exercise even as little as possible, and to emphasize the correct session during our daily life