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Treating knee pain with radio-frequency

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Treating knee pain with radio-frequency

How does knee roughness occur?

Knee roughness and pain are among the most common problems in our society and often occur in conjunction with advancing age but may occur for young people and youth also. It is caused by erosion of the knee cartilage or cutting cartilage resulting from being overweight, standing too much, too much use of stairs and weakness of ligaments and muscles that support the knee. This is one of the most important causes of pain that lies behind knee problems. The knee roughness degrees are divided into three stages (simple – medium – severe). Thanks to God, we can in our centre treat all conditions of roughness as per the condition of each one and after the proper diagnosis using X-ray imaging and examination of the patient. The treatment is provided according to the condition of roughness.

Symptoms of knee roughness:

The knee joint is the most important joint in the body as it connects the longest two muscles in the body, and it is responsible for the movement of the body and feet up and down, standing and sitting, and any damage to this area leads to a disruption to its functional performance.

1. Presence of some tumours behind the knee area and this will be existed in the advanced stages of the disease, as well as the feeling of pain in the knee area during walking, standing and sitting.

2. Deficiency of calcium, minerals and vitamins in the body.

3. Exposure to a knee injury, and constant pressure on the knee, such as standing for long periods without having rest time.

4. Dryness and lack of cartilage between the joints as the function of cartilage lies in preventing friction between the muscles.

5. Growth hormone disorders.

6. Diabetes mellitus.

Thermal Radiofrequency in the pain clinic

The thermal radiofrequency treatment for knee roughness is performed by applying a pulsed frequency to the sensory nerves that supply the knee joint through the passage of a certain frequency using a fully insulated needle, except for the part that comes into contact with the nerve. The location of the nerve to be treated is determined using a visible light device, which leads to pain relief without any harm to the patient.


What are the stages of thermal radiofrequency treatment for knee roughness?

– Simple Stages:

Simple stages are often treated only by medication, and modifying lifestyle to preserve the knee joint, and get rid of the pain irreversibly.

– Intermediate Stages:

This is a simple meniscectomy. We often use hyaluronic and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which are extracted from the patient's own blood under full sterilization due to the presence of growth factors with proteins that are injected into the most corrosive area within the cartilage, under interventional rays riding to ensure the best results.

However, in line with the development of science and because Dr Mohamed Koura always seeks the best for his patients, the type of injection has been upgraded, and we use now Hymovis injection, which was announced at the International Conference on Knee Osteoarthritis in Denmark 2022, which is one of latest scientific advances because it depends on a new characteristic that rebuilds its molecules, unlike the old types that are decomposed and absorbed by the body and therefore, it lasts for a long time, and it is certified by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA as a safe and effective medicine in the cases of meniscus cutting.

– Advanced Stages:

The patients that suffer from advanced stages of knee roughness and joint erosion are afraid of knee joint replacement surgery. Here, we find the non-surgical alternative solution to knee joint replacement, which is thermal radiofrequency that is performed under full sterilization in the operating room without any surgical incision. It depends on knee joint imaging using interventional radiology equipment. After the skin is anaesthetized with local anaesthesia, three finest isolated thermal radiofrequency needles are inserted, targeting the sensory nerves that supply the joint and transfer the chronic pain through it. The thermal radiofrequency cable connected with the thermal radiofrequency device is inserted into the needle targeting the nerve. This is tested by a technique that exists in the thermal radiofrequency device and treats those nerves so as not to transfer this chronic pain. This is an alternative to joint replacement with extreme safety and without any risks, achieving a very high success rate.

Hyaluronic and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can also be injected to ensure the best results. This is performed without surgery using minimal intervention under interventional rays riding, local anaesthesia and complete sterilization. It takes very little time in the operating room, and the patient returns home after one hour and returns to work after a few days. The most important thing that distinguishes those technologies is complete safety, avoiding general anaesthesia and a high success rate.

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