Treating knee pain with radio-frequency


Treating knee pain with radio-frequency

How does knee osteoarthritis and pain happen?

The osteoarthritis of the knee and its pain is one of the most common problems in our society and it often occurs with age, but it may happen to young people and young people as well, and it is due to erosion in the knee cartilage or cutting the cartilage resulting from the great weight and standing a lot and the use of stairs a lot and Weakness of the ligaments and the supporting muscles of the knee and this is one of the most important causes of pain that causes knee problems and the degrees of knee roughness are divided into three degrees (simple - medium - severe) and in our center. we can treat all degrees of roughness, each according to his condition and that after the correct diagnosis By means of rumors and examination of the patient, and treatment is specific according to the degree of the problem

Symptoms of knee osteoarthritis:

The knee joint is the most important joint in the body as it connects the two longest muscles in the body, and it is responsible for the movement of the body and the feet from up and down, standing and sitting, and any damage to this area leads to a defect in its functional performance.

1- The presence of some tumors behind the knee area and it is in advanced cases of the disease. Feeling of pain while walking, getting up, and sitting on the knee.
2- Lack of calcium, minerals, and vitamins in the body.
3- Exposure to injury in the knee area. Constant pressure on the knee, such as standing for long periods of time without resorting to rest time.
4- Dryness and shortage of cartilage between the joints, as the function of cartilage, lies in preventing friction between muscles.
5- Disturbances in growth hormones.
6- Diabetes.

How is knee osteoarthritis treated with radio-frequency in the pain clinic?

The treatment of knee osteoarthritis with radio-frequency is done by applying a pulsating frequency to the sensory nerves that feed the knee joint through the passage of a certain frequency through the needles that are completely isolated, except for the part that is in contact with the nerve, and the location of the nerve to be treated is determined by using a visual ray machine, which leads to pain relief without No harm to the patient

What are the degrees of treatment of knee osteoarthritis with radio-frequency?

Simple degrees:

Simple degrees are often by means of drug treatment only and modification of life behaviors to preserve the knee joint and the end of pain and non-return of it again

Intermediate degree:

And cutting the simple meniscus, so we often use hyaluronic injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which are extracted from the patient’s own blood under complete sterilization due to the presence of growth factors in them with proteins that are injected into the most eroding area within the cartilage under the direction of interventional radiation to ensure obtaining Get the best results

Advanced degree:

The advanced degree of knee joint stiffness and joint erosion, which many of them fear knee joint replacement surgery, here we find a non-surgical alternative to knee joint change, which is thermal frequency, and it is performed under complete sterilization in the operating room without any surgical opening and it depends on imaging The knee joint using the interventional radiotherapy device, and after anesthesia of the skin with local anesthesia, three very thin insulated heat-frequency needles are inserted and target the sensory nerves feeding the joint and the chronic pain is transferred through them and the thermal frequency cable is inserted into the thermal frequency device into the needle, targeting the nerve and is done Test this with a technique found in the thermal frequency device and it treats these nerves in order not to transmit this chronic pain, and this is an alternative to changing the joint and with the utmost safety and without any risks and with a very high success rate

Hyaluronic and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can also be injected to ensure the best results. This is done without surgery through limited intervention under the direction of interventional radiology, local anesthesia, and complete sterilization. It takes very little time in the operating room, and the patient returns to his home after an hour and returns to work after a few days, and the most important characteristic of these techniques is complete safety and Avoid total anesthesia and have a high success rate.

Because in the ORA premuim center we always take care of the patient's time and health, and our affirmation is that home is a key inside the center. As for the limited interventions, to treat the spine and the spine and roughness, we always provide the latest techniques and non-surgical techniques under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Kora. (Doctors' staff). We wish you a better life with ORA Clinics.