Endoscopic herniated disc treatment in Egypt


Endoscopic herniated disc treatment in Egypt

What are the methods of treating heriated lumbar disc?

Medicines: Help reduce pain caused by nerve inflammation, muscle relaxation, and strengthen the nerves
Physical therapy: Helps reduce back pain and strengthen muscles
Interventional treatment: such as laser cartilage cauterization, thermal frequency, nerve canal expansion by catheter, and nerve root injection
Surgery: such as fixing the vertebrae with slides and screws and widening the neural tube

What is the best way to treat lumbar disc?

There is no such thing as the best way to treat cartilage, as each case has what suits it from these treatment methods, which depend on many factors that determine the appropriate intervention, but in the end, the more safe and less dangerous action we take, the better.

What are the advantages of non-surgical intervention treatment?

The treatment is carried out in the operating room under the influence of local anesthesia, interventional rays, and complete sterilization, and there is no wound or cut in the skin or muscles that the patients suffer from after the surgeries and the general anesthesia is not used and the patient returns home after an hour and returns to work after a few days and from The most important advantages of this technique are complete safety and non-return of the herniated disc for the same reasons
The rare occurrence of any sensory-motor effect on the nerve to be treated (i.e. the nerve retains the same degree of feeling and the same degree of movement with only a change in the nature of the pain transmission from the nerve)
These non-surgical interventions can be safely performed with patients with hypertension, heart, diabetes, and chronic diseases who are prohibited from undergoing surgical intervention because of the risk of surgery on them.

What we excel in our center

We are an integrated center with all departments and offer all treatment methods for the patient, there is a special section for physiotherapy and rehabilitation and a special section for all medical analyzes, and in the event that the patient’s condition needs surgery, we recommend the best doctors to help him and provide him with all means of comfort and safety

How is the cost determined?

The cost varies according to the degree of the patient's condition, the techniques and materials used, and each technique differs according to the devices used, the hospital, the auxiliary device, and the nursing, but what is distinguished by it is that we carry out these interventions at the lowest possible cost while ensuring the highest quality and safety conditions

Because in the ORA premuim center we always take care of the patient's time and health, and our affirmation is that home is a key inside the center. As for the limited interventions, to treat the spine and the spine and roughness, we always provide the latest techniques and non-surgical techniques under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Kora. (Doctors' staff). We wish you a better life with ORA Clinics.