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The latest methods of treating knee pain and osteoarthritis with plasma injection and radio-frequency

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The latest methods of treating knee pain and osteoarthritis with plasma injection and radio-frequency


There are two types of joints in the human body, but in this article, we will talk about Synovial joints, or joints that contain a sticky substance, which protects the joint from the inside, the most important of which is the knee joint, and also the thigh and shoulder joints.

What is knee osteoarthritis?

It is a deficiency of Synovial fluid inside the joint, in addition to the erosion of the internal cartilage of the joint, and it is more frequent in the elderly. But it also occurs in younger years, especially in cases of cutting the cartilage in the knee and cartilage ulcers.

What is the treatment for osteoarthritis in the knees?

- In the beginning, the causes, such as being overweight and continuous intense physical exertion, standing too much, going up and down the stairs a lot, and also carrying heavy objects, should be avoided.

- Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cartilage strengthening drugs.

- Physiotherapy and exercises to strengthen muscles that support the joint.

- Interventional Therapy.

– Surgical treatment, such as knee replacement and knee arthroscopy.

The latest methods of treating knee and joints osteoarthritis:

Plasma Injection: It is one of the latest methods, which we use in the centre of Dr. Mohamed Koura, as we take the plasma from the patient itself, minutes before injection in the latest specialized medical analysis unit inside the centre to get the highest quality of the platelets for the injection directly inside the joint under the riding of interventional rays to ensure the best accuracy and results.

Hyaluronic or Oil Injections: Such injections are imported from UAE and Europe and are characterized by high viscosity, the goal of which is to be injected with plasma to get the best quality, as it maintains the plasma for a longer period to do its job in building cartilage. It also prevents friction inside the joint, and thus reduces pain and preserves the joint.

However, in line with the development of science and because Dr. Mohamed Koura always seeks the best for his patients, the type of injection has been upgraded, and we use now growth factors plus Hymovis injection, which was announced at the International Conference on Knee Osteoarthritis in Denmark 2022, which is one of latest scientific advances because it depends on a new characteristic that rebuilds its molecules, unlike the old types that are decomposed and absorbed by the body and therefore, it lasts for a long time, and it is certified by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States as a safe and effective medicine in the cases of meniscus cutting.

Thermal Radiofrequency: It is one of the latest interventional treatment methods, which works on pain points within the joint to relieve pain without affecting joint function so that the patient can quickly return to his/ her normal life without pain.