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The price of plasma injection for the knee in Egypt for the treatment of roughness and meniscus cutting

the definition

The roughness of the knee is a very stressful disease for many patients, which hinders the patient from practicing his normal life, because the movement is limited, and he is not able to perform his work periodically or meet his needs.
It is an erosion of the outer layer of the cartilage covering the thigh and shin bones, in addition to the formation of some bony protrusions that increase the intensity of pain, and the degree of pain varies with the degree of roughness.

Causes of the roughness of the knee

- overweight
Standing for long periods of time
Exercise with heavyweights
Some immune diseases affecting the joints. Rheumatoid
Inflammation of the synovial pad around the knee cap
Inflammation of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the knee
Muscle contraction around the knee
- It violated the cruciate tendons
Erosion of the meniscus due to a wrong movement with heavyweight or force of movement in the wrong direction.
Symptoms of knee roughness

Knee pain or both
Pain that extends to the lower leg
Joint crackling with movement
With severe degrees of roughness; Joint movement stiffness. That is, the patient's inability to fully bend or straighten his leg.
The degrees of the roughness of the knee joint range from simple and moderate to severe, depending on the development of the roughness

What is plasma injection for knee roughness treatment?

It is one of the latest methods of treating knee roughness with platelet-rich plasma injection. And without pain, which is derived from the patient himself and treats roughness and cut cartilage. And it is not just pain relief. And this is done under radiological guidance to get the best results. Plasma and platelets inject these platelets. It contains many proteins - PRP called “growth factors”. Which can help treat joint roughness and cut cartilage, as these materials stimulate cells to proliferate, working on healing tissues.

Advantages of plasma injection for knee roughness

Ease and complete safety: There is no wound or cut in the skin or muscles. Experienced by patients after surgery and not using general anesthesia. The patient returns home after an hour. And return to work after a few days.
Therapeutic intervention. It is not an analgesic because the plasma contains growth factors. Helps to treat joint roughness and heal. Torn cartilage
Absolutely safe because the plasma is derived from the patient himself. It is not considered something external enters the patient's joint
We are distinguished by the fact that we do it inside the operating room. And under interventional radiation to ensure the best factors of accuracy and safety.

How is the plasma separation and preparation

To treat this way, a sample of the patient's blood is first drawn. And it is added to an anti-clotting substance. Then the blood is placed in a specific device for several minutes. To separate the fluid that contains plasma and platelets from the rest of the blood. After that, this fluid is injected, in which the platelet concentration is high in the affected part

Does it use plasma injection technology alone?

Sometimes it is used on its own and sometimes it is used in combination with hyaluronic and thermoelectric injections. And it depends on each case and the degree of knee roughness

How is the cost determined?

The cost varies according to the degree of the patient's condition. And the degree of roughness and is it used alone or with it some other interventions such as thermal frequency and hyaluronic injection, one or more times, the hospital, the assistive device, and nursing, but what is distinguished by it. Is that we carry out these interventions at the lowest possible cost while ensuring the highest conditions of quality and safety

Why ORA CLINICS Premium?

- Because we at ORA CLINICs center always take care of the patient’s time and health, and as confirmation of this we have provided a medical laboratory inside the center. As for the limited interventions for the treatment of spinal pain and joint roughness, we at our center always provide the latest non-surgical interventions and techniques under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Qoura. In addition to the team of paramedics specializing in pain treatment, who periodically follow-up patients after carrying out limited interventions to check on them and ensure their improvement and safety.
. We wish you a better life with ORA CLINICS.

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