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The cost of plasma injection for the knee in Egypt for the treatment of roughness and meniscus cutting

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The cost of plasma injection for the knee in Egypt for the treatment of roughness and meniscus cutting


Knee roughness is a very stressful disease for many patients, as it hinders the patient from exercising his/ her normal life, limits his/ her movement, and makes him/her unable to carry out his/her work periodically or meet his/her needs.

It is an erosion in the outer layer of cartilage that covers femur and leg bones, in addition to the formation of some bony spurs that increase the intensity of the pain, and the degree of pain varies as per the degree of roughness.

Causes of Knee Roughness:

1. Overweight

2. Standing for long periods

3. Exercise with heavy weights

4. Some immune diseases affecting joints, such as Rheumatoid

5. Inflammation of trochanteric bursitis around the patella

6. Inflammation of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the knee

7. Contraction of muscles around the knee

8. Cruciate tendons laceration

9. Erosion in the meniscus due to incorrect movement with heavy weight or moving force in the wrong direction


Symptoms of Knee Roughness:

1. Knee pain

2. Pain extending to the lower leg

3. Crackling sound in the joint during movement

4. Stiffness of the joints in cases of extreme roughness, which means that the patient is unable to bend or fully straighten his/ her leg

Knee joint roughness ranges from mild to moderate to severe depending on the development of roughness.

What is plasma injection used to treat knee roughness?

One of the latest treatments for knee roughness is the injection of platelet-rich plasma, without pain, which is taken from the patient himself/herself and treats roughness and cartilage cutting. This is not related to pain relief only. This is performed under X-ray riding to get the best results. Plasma and platelet injections are considered among the best methods because they contain several proteins – PRP injections, which are called “growth factors”. That injection can help treat joint roughness and cartilage cutting as these substances stimulate cells to reproduce and heal tissue.

However, in line with the development of science and because Dr. Mohamed Koura always seeks the best for his patients, the type of injection has been upgraded, and we use now Hymovis injection, which was announced at the International Conference on Knee Osteoarthritis in Denmark 2022, which is one of latest scientific advances because it depends on a new characteristic that rebuilds its molecules, unlike the old types that are decomposed and absorbed by the body and therefore, it lasts for a long time, and it is certified by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States as a safe and effective medicine in the cases of meniscus cutting.

Advantages of plasma injection for knee roughness:

Ease and full safety: No wounds or incisions in the skin or muscles, from which the patients may suffer after surgical operations and avoid total anaesthesia. The patient returns home after an hour and returns to work after a few days.

It is a therapeutic intervention and not an analgesic because the plasma contains growth factors that help treat joint roughness and torn cartilage healing.

Safe because the plasma is collected from the patient himself/herself. No external item enters the patient's joint.

We are distinguished by the fact that we perform this procedure inside the operating room, and under interventional rays to ensure the best accuracy and safety factors.

How is plasma separated and prepared?

To perform this procedure, a sample of the patient's blood is drawn firstly,  an anticoagulant is added to it, and then the blood is placed in a specific device for several minutes to separate the fluid containing the plasma and platelets from the rest of the blood components. This fluid, which has a high platelet concentration, is then injected into the affected part.

Is the plasma injection technology used separately?

Sometimes it may be used separately, and it may be used also with hyaluronic injections and thermal radiofrequency. It depends on the condition and degree of knee roughness.


How do you determine the cost?

Cost varies depending on the degree of the patient's condition and the degree of roughness. Is it used with other interventions such as thermal radiofrequency and hyaluronic injections or in a separate manner? One time or more. Its cost also depends on the hospital, the assisting staff and the nursing staff, but what we are distinguished by is that we perform these interventions at the lowest possible cost while ensuring the highest quality and safety requirements.