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Treatment for shingles pain, post-hyperptic neuralgia

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Treatment for shingles pain, post-hyperptic neuralgia

Treatment of pain due to post-herpetic  neuralgia

-Treatment of the pain resulting from the shingles via analgesics as (aspirin - paracetamol)
-Managing the inflammatory reactions by taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as (ibuprofen - naproxen)
-Usage of steroids to reduce inflammation and neuropathic pain, with a large dose of 40 to 60 mg of prednisone orally, daily in the morning.
-Dealing with the viral infection itself using antivirals such as (Aciclovir - Valaciclovir, Famciclovir)
-Using Capsaicin cream to relieve pain after infection
-Usage of carbamazepine and sodium valproate, which are antidepressants, to treat severe pain
-Applying cold fpmentation to the affected area for ten minutes every few hours
-Apply a solution of 78% calamine( 20% alcohol, 1% phenol, 1% menthol)
-Avoid using personal tools of the patient.
-Stick to the Varicella vaccine to children
-Avoid direct skin contact with the patient
-Avoid exposure to nervous situations
-Follow a healthy diet that help to strengthen the immune system, such as (green onion - garlic - honey - nigella sativa - olive oil)

Interventional radio-frequency is the latest method for treating shingles:
Radio-frequency is one of the latest methods of interventional treatment, and in the case of herpetic neuralgia, damage to the nerve is the cause of the pain, and therefore the damaged nerve can be treated with thermal frequency according to the location of the injury, and the thermal frequency changes the nature of pain sensation and thus the patient does not feel pain for a long time. This is a very safe procedure that takes place in the operation room under the guidance of fluoroscope and the effect of sedation and local anesthesia.