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Pain Management in Cases with Cervical Disc Prolapses

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Pain Management in Cases with Cervical Disc Prolapses

We always hear the term “Cervical Disc Prolapse” and fortunately not all cases needs surgery but mast of them can deal with it non-surgically. And the decision is made according to the severity of the prolapse and to what extent it affects the spinal cord and this can be evaluated by clinical examination and applying Cervical Spine MRI.

The neck is a very sensitive body part for it carries the head and for its function as a connection between the brain the whole body through the spine. It is common to face neck pain due to mild, ,oderate or severe muscle spasms or due to cervical prolapses that in turn affects the nerve root and leads to radiculopathy, pain in the upper limbs ± lower limbs.


Pain due disc prolapse can be divided into:

1- Neck or radicular pain: This is according to affected nerve root and here we manage to deal with the nerve roots itself. 

2- Cervical facet arthropathy: the cause of pain in this case is the tiny facet joints between the cervical vertebrae and here we deal with the joints not the nerves.

How do Ora Clinics deal with pain in previously mentioned cases?

1- Injection: in mild cases we can manage the pain by injecting the nerve root or the targeted facet joints with anti-inflammatory substances. Injection can also be used as a trial before deciding Radiofrequency.

2- Radiofrequency: It is a computer system based device and a modern treatment that sends radiofrequency (pulsed or lesion according to the target). It is connected either to the nerve rrot or to the pain center of the facet joint through a fine needle that is inserted fluoroscopy guided and under the effect of sedation and local anesthesia.

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