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Treatment of cervical herniated disc without surgery

Treatment of cervical herniated disc without surgery
The neck is considered one of the sensitive areas in the human body, as it carries the heaviest part of the human body, which is the head that weighs in average sizes 5 kg, and it has the connection point between the brain and the body, and it is responsible for connecting the cervical vertebrae with the vertebrae of the spine and thus if there is a muscle contraction, it is caused by fatigue Severe pain in the neck and stress of the muscles surrounding the neck, which leads to stiffness of the neck muscles, and sometimes the injury is severe, which

Reaches stiffness in the vertebrae of the neck and chest muscles.

The pain resulting from a herniated cervical slide is divided into two parts
Pain in the arm, shoulder, or neck, according to the affected nerve, and is pain or cat accompanied by numbness in the arm, and in this case, the damaged nerve or more than one nerve is to be treated according to the following methods
Or the pain may be the cause of roughness in the vertebral joint in the neck, and in this case, the treatment is directed at the joint, whether for intra-joint injection or with thermal frequency on the sensory nerve feeding the nerve or both

How is neck pain treated at Dr. Mohamed Qoura Center?
1-By radio-frequency is a modern treatment that is done using a computer system-based device that sends frequencies in the pulsed radiofrequency method, which is a frequency that treats neck pain and is connected through a thin needle that does not hurt the patient. very
Of treatment.

And before the heat hesitation, blood fluidity tests are done, and they must be completely healthy.
The patient does not feel real improvement after two weeks. The patient may fluctuate between improvement and pain, and this is normal and the patient is not worried.
The more the patient committed to rest at home during the two weeks, the greater the chance of improvement. Heat frequency and nerve stimulation for treating neck pain

2- The simpler cases may be treated by injecting joints between the vertebrae or by test injection before the action of the thermal frequency.
Treatment methods for neck pain and a cervical herniated disc at Dr. Mohamed Qoura Center

For full details about thermal frequency and nerve root injections, please click on the link: Cervical Spine radio-frequency and Cervical Nerve Root Injection

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