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Treating hand sweating without surgery


The body produces sweat is a natural thing that occurs from physical activities, high temperatures, fear, and tension,

However, some people suffer from excessive sweating of the hands without exposure to causes that lead to this, such as exposure to high temperatures or experiencing fear and tension.

Excessive sweating of the hands causes a lot of embarrassment when shaking hands with others.

It also makes it difficult to touch things in a natural way, as the hands are wet due to excessive sweating.

Symptoms of sweating hands
Symptoms appear through the exit of large amounts of sweat from the soles of the hand that makes it appear uncomfortably wet for no apparent reasons. Excessive sweating of the hands can occur without exposure to hot weather or negative emotions.

Causes of sweating hands
Excessive hand sweating occurs due to several reasons, namely:
Excessive secretion of thyroid hormones helps to increase sweating of the hands.

Missed menstruation

Constant physical exertion.

Psychological state, exposure to nervous pressure, and a feeling of fear and anxiety.

Taking some types of medication can lead to side effects that affect the body temperature.

Infection with some diseases such as diabetes, gout, and respiratory diseases.

Tumors of the adrenal gland, pituitary gland, and lymph gland.

Complications of sweating hands
Complications of sweating hands are the difficulty of practicing daily activities such as cooking, performing work, and the inability to grasp things in a normal way, and the excessive sweating makes a person vulnerable to skin infections.

Hand sweating also affects a person's psychological state negatively, making them feel the desire to isolate themselves and not engage in social activities.

How is hand sweating?
- The doctor examines the patient and asks him about the symptoms he is suffering from to diagnose the condition, and some medical tests can be performed to find out the reasons behind excessive sweating of the hands and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Methods for treating hand sweating
Excessive hand sweating after the condition is diagnosed by the attending physician is treated through the following methods:
Taking medicines for treating sweating hands by mouth, help solve the problem of sweating hands.

- Treatment of hand sweating by injection: where botox is injected into the hands to reduce excessive sweating and maintain a normal level of sweating.

The treatment is a simple procedure that is performed after applying an anesthetic cream to the hand, and then botox is injected through a fine needle into the palm and fingers.

radio-frequency therapy (laser hand sweating treatment): There is no scientific name for laser treatment, but rather a treatment method that many people know by this name.

But excessive sweating is treated with thermal frequency to reduce excessive sweating.

The treatment session takes place under the influence of local anesthesia, after which a fine needle connected to the thermal frequency device is inserted through which waves are directed to the sympathetic nerve.

The treatment session takes a short period of time to get rid of sweating hands permanently, after which the patient can leave the hospital and return to his home on the same day.

The cost of treating hand sweating
The cost of treating hand sweating varies according to the skill and competence of the treating physician and the medical center in which the treatment is received. Hand sweating is treated through the following methods:

Oral medications.

Botox injections to control the amount of sweat.

Heat frequency sessions.

Ways to prevent sweating hands
Wash and dry hands well.

Avoid eating spicy foods.

Avoid exposure to high heat.

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