treatment of low back pain and spinal canal stenosis using navigation catheter

Catheters for Back Pain Management

For decades ago, some forms of aspirin had been the dominant medicine for many diseases. Despite the lack of its effect, they were highly appreciated by large group of people. Now, with Dr. Mohamed Koura who imitates the West in terms of using technology and developing the quality and effect of most medicines and therapeutic techniques, we have got the perfect solution for back pain management through the application of one of the most recent techniques: catheter. It is now longer considered as a tool to treat certain cases; however, it became one of the best techniques for pain management contemporarily which is used to treat the following conditions:

Spinal Canal Decompression

 If you have abnormal enlargement of the central spinal canal where the spinal cord passes, Navi Catheter is placed through the sacral spine and the neurosurgeon can control the catheter to widen the canal on both sides. Catheter is one of the most recent techniques used for spinal stenosis treatment besides Claudicare, which is also used for spinal cord decompression.

Treatment of postoperative adhesions secondary to failed back bone surgeries

Such adhesions are mostly result from the body resistance to surgery which causes neuroforaminal narrowing. Here it is necessary to consider non – surgical techniques, including catheter, where a percutaneous very fine needle is used to decompress the adhesions. Using contrast imaging, the catheter is directed to safely scrap adhesions without harming the spinal area.

Treatment of arthritis and erosive cartilage

The importance of catheter is proven in the treatment of arthritis and some cases of cartilage erosion more than treating a cartilage compresses the nerve. The catheter is accessed through posterior neck, and then the patient is anesthetized with a local anesthetic so that the interventional imaging appears through the catheter. Afterwards, the infected area is injected with some drugs (Ketamine, Marcaine, Hyalase) which are not just painkillers or temporarily medicine. To maintain the results of catheter, the patient should observe certain medical guidelines such as giving up wrong habits to avoid relapse.

Pros and Cons of Catheter:

Catheters are leading tools in the world of modern medicine, as they are almost flawless.  Catheters are performed without incision or using a scalpel. However, they are treated as if they are traditional operations that it takes place inside the operating room to ensure sterilization only. In addition, catheters have no side effects of any kind, they are (safe / accurate / fast acting) and the patient can be discharged to home on the same day and can assume the activities of his daily life as of the following day.



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Why choose ORA Clinics Premium? Because at ORA Clinic we are always keen on the patient's time and health, and to confirm this, we have provided a medical laboratory inside the center. As for the limited interventions for the treatment of spine pain and joint stiffness, we in our center always provide the latest non-surgical interventions and techniques under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed koura. In addition to the staff of physician assistants specialized in treating pain who periodically follow up on patients after carrying out limited interventions to check on them and ensure their improvement and safety . We wish you a better life with ORA Clinics.