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Can a herniated disc be completely cured?

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Can a herniated disc be completely cured?

The pain in the spine has been increasing recently in different age groups, especially among young people who work in office jobs and sit in front of the computer for long periods. Sitting positions are usually unhealthy and improper, which increases the severity of symptoms. The treatment for these pains depends on the degree and severity of the problem, either through physical therapy, medication, non-surgical intervention, or surgery. With continued improper daily habits, these pains can quickly turn into disc herniations, whether cervical or lumbar.


This occurs due to a defect in the vertebrae, which may affect the spinal cord and peripheral nerves.


In this article, we will find an answer to the common question in the minds of many who suffer from this disease.


Can disc herniation be cured completely?


To answer this question and other questions that may arise in the minds of those suffering from this disease, we must first understand what disc herniation is.


Disc herniation is a condition that appears in the form of a protrusion or tear in the disc between the vertebrae, and the disc between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae in the lower back is the most susceptible to this tear.


Disc herniation has several common symptoms, including:


1. Pain

2. Tingling and numbness in the limbs

3. General weakness in the muscles

4. Difficulty standing or sitting

5. Acute and sudden pain during certain movements

6. Feeling cold on one side of the body

7. Back pain when sneezing or coughing


Treatment options for disc herniation:


There are several methods to treat disc herniation that can be pursued for recovery from this condition. Non-surgical treatment is one of the common methods preferred by patients recently because it provides safety and the patient's well-being. Non-surgical treatment focuses on pain relief and employs various techniques and technologies.


What are the advantages of non-surgical intervention with Dr. Mohamed Koura?


- We cannot call it surgery since it is performed inside the operating room. It is a limited intervention in which no surgical incisions or cuts are made.

- It is one of the easiest and safest methods that does not take a long time, so the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for several days as in surgical operations. The patient can leave on the same day.

- The recovery period is short and does not exceed three days spent at home.

- The patient can do without screws and plates to stabilize the vertebrae after the procedure.

- It is suitable for all age groups, including the elderly and severely obese cases.

- The likelihood of infections is rare, and there is almost no surgical bleeding or blood transfusion during this procedure.


In case the patient follows the medical instructions correctly, the desired results of the treatment can be achieved.


After explaining the above, we can now answer the previous question and provide reassurance to patients with lumbar and cervical disc herniation:


Can disc herniation be completely cured?


In this case, the answer is yes, disc herniation pain can be completely cured through non-surgical interventions.


Types of non-surgical interventions at Dr. Mohamed Koura's center include:


- Minimally invasive disc fx endoscopy for treating lumbar and cervical disc herniations.

- Thermal frequency therapy for treating lumbar and cervical disc herniations.

- Therapeutic injections for lumbar and cervical nerve roots.

- Catheterization.

- Laser disc vaporization and coagulation.


These are among the modern techniques that Dr. Mohamed Koura is known for among doctors in Egypt and the Middle East, thanks to his exceptional ability to successfully treat cases of failed spinal surgeries and recurrent disc herniations using these techniques and technologies.