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Laser cervical disc herniation decompression …. the latest non-surgical treatment for cervical disc herniation

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Laser cervical disc herniation decompression …. the latest non-surgical treatment for cervical disc herniation

Many people suffer from neck pain, which can occur for various reasons, including cervical disc herniation. Cervical disc herniation is one of the most common causes of neck pain and persistent headaches at the back of the head. Many may believe that medications and physical therapy are the optimal solution, but unfortunately, the pain may persist despite taking medications and undergoing physical therapy sessions. This could lead to a deterioration of the condition and the need for surgery. However, it is now possible to treat cervical disc herniation through various non-surgical methods, including laser disc decompression, which is one of the techniques used at Dr. Mohamed Qoura's center. He is the best doctor in this field, consistently staying informed about the latest therapeutic techniques through his participation in various international conferences with leading doctors and experts from around the world.


Learn with us in the following lines about the causes and symptoms of cervical disc herniation and its non-surgical treatment methods.


What are the causes of cervical disc herniation?

A person may experience cervical disc herniation for various reasons, including:

  • Aging, as the disc loses some of its flexibility, making it less capable of bearing pressure and movement, thereby increasing the likelihood of disc herniation.
  • Prolonged sitting with bad positioning to the head.
  • Continuous driving for long periods without breaks.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Repetitive bending or twisting movements.
  • Injuries resulting from sports activities or accidents.
  • Keeping the neck in a specific position while using a computer or mobile phone.


What are the symptoms of cervical disc herniation?

A patient with cervical disc herniation may experience some symptoms, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Headache
  • Pain in the shoulder muscles
  • Pain in the arms
  • Sensation of tingling or burning in the arms


All the mentioned signs and symptoms indicate a problem in the neck region. Neck pain is an indicator of issues in the cervical vertebrae and the surrounding muscles. While, arm pain, tingling sensation, and burning likely point to inflammation in the cervical nerve roots due to the pressure exerted by disc herniation in this area.

What are the non- surgical Cervical Disc Herniation treatment methods?

It can be treated without surgery at Dr. Mohammed Koura Center through various methods, including:

Cervical Disc Herniation Treatment with Laser

This technique is simple and characterized by its safety. It involves a small needle through which laser fibers enter to vaporize and treat the herniated part of the cervical disc, using fluoroscopy.

Typically, this procedure, which includes laser nucleoplasty for cervical disc herniation, takes approximately half an hour inside the operating room. The patient usually leaves the hospital on the same day.

This technique is performed under local anesthesia, avoiding the risks of surgical procedures and general anesthesia.

Other Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatment Methods


  • radiofrequency that is used to treat cervical disc herniation, cervical vertebrae degeneration, or inflammation of cervical nerve roots.
  • Treatment of Cervical Nerve Root Inflammation with Catheterization


What are the advantages of non- surgical Cervical Disc Herniation treatment methods?

Surgical techniques for treating neck pain and cervical disc herniation are distinguished by not requiring any surgical incisions or cuts. They are safe, easy, and straightforward. The procedures typically take no more than half an hour inside the operating room under the influence of local anesthesia.


In conclusion, there has been significant progress in medicine, and now neck pain and cervical disc herniation can be treated with various modern techniques without surgery. This is evident at Dr. Mohammed Koura Center, which has turned the dream into reality through non-surgical interventions to solve chronic pain problems without surgical intervention.


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