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Minimally invasive endoscopic herniated disc treatment (DISK-FX). Endoscopic discectomy

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Minimally invasive endoscopic herniated disc treatment (DISK-FX). Endoscopic discectomy


In our time, back and spine pain has started to spread greatly, especially in the life of those who are proficient in office work and sit daily in front of the computer, as the sitting positions are usually unhealthy which increases the severity of symptoms, and treatment methods for these pains are according to the degree and the severity of the problem, either through physiotherapy or drug treatment or through non-surgical intervention or surgeries.

Currently, the non-surgical solution has become the best one, because the experience of doctors and their techniques are in continuous progress, especially with the pioneer of pain interventional treatment, Dr Mohamed Koura. One of the most recent non-surgical techniques for treating lumbar cartilage is the miniature endoscopy without surgery and without pain, which helps speed healing.

When do I need to make the DISC-FX?

Spine injury cases that are suitable for minimally invasive endoscopic herniated disc treatment (DISC-FX):

1. Herniated disc causes mechanical pressure on the nerve

2. In the case of sciatica

3. Discogenic pain

In these cases, the symptoms are the presence of pain in the lower back with extension to one end of the legs.

How to perform (DISC-FX):

The DISC-FX is performed inside the operating room to ensure complete sterilization, using local anaesthesia, and this is one of the most important features that distinguish it from the laparoscope, and a small needle is inserted through the skin that was anaesthetized with local anaesthesia and by directing the interventional rays to ensure accuracy until it reaches the herniated disc to be excised. The DISC-FX channel is inserted through that needle by directing the interventional rays until reaching the part to be removed, and by using a precise instrument and under the direction of interventional radiology, the slipped part of the disc that causes the problem is removed with the utmost safety and accuracy, and the patient can walk within 30 minutes after the procedure and return to his/her normal life within 48 hours without any pain.

Advantages of DISC-FX:

1. Final, not temporary, solution and treatment.

2. It achieves the same purpose of surgery, but without incisions or wounds.

3. Suitable for all ages, including the elderly and obese persons.

4. There is no bleeding or blood transfusion during the intervention.

5. The pain is almost non-existent after the intervention.

6. Discharge from the hospital on the same day.

7. The incidence of infection is very rare and almost non-existent, as there is no wound.

8. The recovery period is short, as the patient returns to work after only 3 days.

Complications of DISC-FX:

There are no damages or complications resulting from the DISC-FX procedure because all the tools used are manufactured in a specific way so that they are completely safe on nerves, and due to the accuracy and small size of the used hole, it ensures that there is no bleeding or infections after the intervention, taking into consideration that one of the most important advantages is that there is no risk of infection, as the unit used in each operation is a disposable product and is not resterilized, and it is safely disposed of in the hospital.

It must be noted that the patient must adhere to all the doctor's instructions to rest, not follow the stressful daily life practices that aggravate the pain and stop the wrong habits that worsen the situation. From losing weight if overweight, not carrying heavy objects, reducing the effort of daily work, and not taking wrong body positions that harm the joints or the spine. In addition to being keen to exercise even as little as possible, and to emphasize the importance of taking the correct position while sitting during our daily life.


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