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Spine pain and Vertebral arthropathy

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Spine pain and Vertebral arthropathy

Facet joint arthropathy

The joints between the vertebrae called the facet joints, and in many patients, there is inflammation in these joints resulting in pain on both sides of the spine.

When inflammation occurs in the joints of the vertebrae, radio frequency is applied to the nerves feeding these vertebral joints

Discogenic Pain

Herniation of nucleus pulposus inside annulus fibrosus occurs, sliding the nucleus of disc inside the outer layer of cartilage, and this does not lead to pressure on the nerve roots, but only because of lower back pain without affecting the legs or arms.

In the event of an internal herniated disc or a rupture of the outer layer of the cartilage, a continuous heat frequency is applied to the outer layer of the cartilage using interventional radiology, which allows complete vision throughout the operation.

Inflammation of the spine with sacroiliac joint arthropathy

This joint is located between the sacral vertebrae and the pelvic bones, and when this joint becomes inflamed, it leads to severe pain that extends from the lower back to the outer side of the leg and may extend from the front side to the upper thigh in the pelvic region.

When inflammation occurs in the pelvic joint, radio frequency is applied to the nerves feeding the pelvic joint, and this is done under the guidance of fluoroscope

Thoracic pain

Many patients suffer from pain in the thoracic region from the back, under the neck, and above the lower back, and these pains are caused by inflammation in the joints of the thoracic vertebrae, in which the pain appears according to the location of the inflamed joint and the chest region pain is characterized by that it increases with the tilt back, moves to the bottom of the affected vertebra by about two vertebrae and moves Pain to the outside with the possibility of curvature in the spine due to the influence of the muscles surrounding the spine.

Neck pain

Neck pain is almost the same as the causes of lower back pain with the different transmission of pain (as a result of pressure on the nerve roots) to the shoulder and arms.
Cervical facet arthropathy
The pain of the vertebral joints is characterized by the different types of pain that it causes and also the widespread of it, as it causes about eighty percent of the neck pain. The upper joints of the neck cause a popular type of headache (will be mentioned in detail in the headache section) and the middle joints of the neck cause neck pain.
As for the lower joints of the neck, it causes pain in the shoulder and upper chest from the back