Treatment of failed back surgery syndrome

Definition of

The herniated disc and the failure of previous surgeries is one of the causes of back pain in patients who have previously completed previous surgeries in the spine for any reason.

the reasons

Neural canal expansion and removal of the lumbar cartilage without bracing
Expanding the neural canal, removing the lumbar cartilage, and attaching the vertebrae to the procurement and screws
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Carrying things and sitting for long periods of time from the treated spine and the wrong practices that the patient used to practice before are among the important reasons for the emergence of a new herniated disc or regurgitation.


  • A history of spinal surgery
  • Lower back pain
  • - Sciatica
  • Leg numbness
  • Methods of Treatment

Dealing with recurrent lumbar herniated disc and failure of previous parts of the spine has become the easiest possible to support and understand modern, safe and simple.
After examining the patient in our center and seeing the reason on his medical examinations, identifying doctors and starting the appropriate treatment for this treatment. Unleashing the neural tube of the neural tube and many other options in determining it.
Neural canal catheter.
As for the sacral canal endoscopy: Seeing the neural tube.

Other ways to treat lower back pain without surgery

  • - Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a mini-laparoscopy
  • Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a sacral canal scope
  • Treatment of lumbar herniated disc and lumbar roughness with thermal frequency
  • Lumbar nerve roots.
  • Inflammation of the lumbar nerve roots with thermal frequency
  • Catheter expansion of the neural tube

Advantages of treatment of recurrent herniated disc and the failure of previous surgeries without surgery

Do not use the operations platform; A limited intervention (minimally invasive procedure) that is supported during imaging. A comfortable and simple area that does not take more than 45 minutes in a catheter chamber under the influence of local anesthetic. X-ray guided interventional machine.


There are no, it is considered one of the day operations on the patient’s day, as this intercourse is used, ie the time of using any surgical cuts or any wounds.

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