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Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with radio-frequency

Treatment of severe and chronic knee pain without surgery by using thermal frequency of painful nerves around the knee:
At Dr. Muhammad Qura Center, severe and chronic knee roughness pain is treated, which prevents the patient from practicing his simplest things naturally as a result of permanent and continuous pain despite the patient taking large doses of analgesics, which we all know have side effects on the stomach, kidneys and the rest of the body ...

Even some patients can not sleep without these painkillers and suffer from insomnia continuously and may wake up from sleep from the severity of pain and some disease suffer from various degrees of depression because of these constant pain

Painkillers became useless, and the second option remains, which is the operation of surgically changing the knee joint, which is not an easy and simple decision because it is a very large and dangerous process, especially with aging diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart, kidney and liver diseases.

Here comes the role and importance of treating knee roughness pain using a very modern technique, which is thermal frequency, which is a simple operation that takes place without surgical intervention inside a sterile and equipped operating room and is done using special needles called thermal frequency needles placed near the nerves that transmit the feeling of pain using a dedicated radiation device for that or by using Sonar machine (ultrasound)

These devices determine the locations of these painful nerves with extreme accuracy and then connect the thermal frequency needles to the thermal frequency device, which stops the work of these painful nerves as happens to a large extent in the process of filling the nerve of the teeth and teeth so that the patient can keep them without dislocation, but at the same time he does not suffer from Her intense pain.

The technique of treating the nerves excited by thermal frequency has proven its effectiveness in the world and it is a good alternative to knee joint replacement operations, but without special surgery for patients who refuse and suffer from health conditions that prevent them from undergoing knee joint replacement surgery or medicines and surgery have failed to treat pain in these patients or even for patients who have been changed The detailed ones are still suffering from severe pain, and the patient is given some important advice and instructions so that he gets the greatest benefit with this technique