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Narrow nerve canal treatment without surgery

Definition of

The neural canal is the outlet of the nerve roots along the spine, and there are ligaments surrounding the vertebrae, which enhances the stability of the spine and its ease of movement in all directions, and the narrowing of the neural canal occurs in the lumbar vertebra for several reasons.

Causes of neural canal narrowing?

In order to understand the causes of neural tube narrowing, we need to be familiar with the anatomical shape of this area The neural tube is covered by a ligament called the ligamentum flavum on the posterior side, and the front side is the intervertebral cartilage.
The neural tube may narrow for two main reasons; The first is the enlargement of the yellow ligament and the second is a herniated disc that presses on the nerve roots or both, and of course for each cause a different treatment, which we will explain later.

Types of neural tube stenosis

Peripheral neural canal stenosis: It is either on the right or the left side, and causes symptoms of narrowing of the nerve canal in one of the legs and is treated by the Claudicare technique.
Narrowing of the central nerve canal, causing symptoms in the legs, and is treated with the NAVI catheter technique

Pain and cramps in the calf muscles after a certain distance from walking. The lower the walking distance; That is, the distance after which the patient must sit due to pain or muscle fatigue, the more severe the degree of distress.
- It may be associated with symptoms of narrowing of the neural canal, symptoms of lumbar herniated disc, such as lower back pain, iliopathy, or inflammation of the lumbar nerve roots, causing sciatica.
Methods of Treatment

- The treatment methods are divided into medicinal treatment that is a muscle relaxant with pain reliever and some physical therapy sessions as a preliminary step to deal with back pain and its problems as soon as it appears, and this is the first stage.
- And the patients got used to that if they did not recover on drug and natural treatment, their next step is surgical treatment and the famous operation to expand the neural canal or laminectomy, which frightens the patients and keeps them away from caring for the back, its pain and its problems, until the surgery becomes an inevitable must. Or the patient is forced to undergo surgery, and after several months, the patient complains of the same symptoms before the operation, due to adhesions of the neural canal due to the surgical opening! This is called spinal failure syndrome.
- But with the progress of medicine and with the availability of the latest techniques for treating lumbar herniated discs without surgery in our center. Dealing with cases of narrowing of the neural canal with its various causes such as yellow ligament enlargement, lumbar herniated discs, back pain and leg pain has become the simplest, easiest and safest.
Treating neural canal stenosis without surgery

The treatment of neural canal narrowing varies with the different cause, for example, if the cause of the narrowing of the nerve canal is an enlargement of the yellow ligament at the ends of the nerve root outlet in the nerve canal, its treatment is the expansion of the nerve channel from the outside with the Cloudcare technique. But if the inflation is in the center of the spinal canal through which the spinal cord passes, the appropriate intervention in this case is to clear the nerve canal from the inside with a catheter.
If there is a lumbar herniated disc associated with the enlargement of the yellow ligament, it is treated at the same time with the appropriate technique for it, which is K-laser.
Expansion of the nerve canal from the outside of the Cloudcare:
This technique is done through a simple incision in the skin at the level to be treated, then inserting a canal that connects to the neural tube and through it a machine is inserted that removes the excess part of the yellow ligamentum flavum.

Clearing the neural tube through the catheter from the inside:
This technique is done by inserting the Navi catheter from the sacral region, and the doctor controls it from the outside to expand the neural tube on both sides.

Other ways to treat lower back pain without surgery

- Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a mini-laparoscopy
Treatment of a lumbar herniated disc with a sacral canal scope
Treatment of recurrent lumbar herniated disc and the syndrome of previous surgeries
Treatment of lumbar herniated disc and stiffness of the lumbar vertebrae with thermal frequency
Lumbar nerve root injection.
Treatment of lumbar nerve root inflammation with thermal frequency
Advantages of treating neural tube narrowing without surgery

We do not call it an operation except because it takes place inside the operating room. It is a minimally invasive procedure during which no incisions or cuts are made. Safe, easy and simple, it does not take more than half an hour in the operating room under the influence of local anesthetic, whatever is the cause of the narrowing of the neural canal.

Damages: None, it is considered one-day operations because the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day, and total anesthesia is not used, in addition to the absence of any surgical cuts or any wounds.

Why ORA CLINICS Premium?

Because we at ORA CLINICS center always take care of the patient’s time and health, and as confirmation of this we have provided a medical laboratory inside the center. As for the limited interventions for the treatment of spinal pain and joint roughness, we at our center always provide the latest non-surgical interventions and techniques under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Qoura. In addition to the staff of assistant doctors specializing in pain treatment, who follow up patients periodically after carrying out limited interventions to check on them and ensure their improvement and safety.

. We wish you a better life with ORA CLINICS.

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