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treatment of facet joint arthropathy

facet joint arthropathy

An alternative detailed second answer

Contact with the joints of jurisprudence. Heat frequency on the nerves feeding the vertebral joints

Discogenic Pain

Within the neural canal the herniation of the nucleus pulposus inside the nerve roots inside the external canal due to its roots in the nerve roots.

On the inside of the cartilage and the external films of the cartilage that were inserted into the membranes and films of the cartilage, which were available in cartilage overview (Biacuplasty).

Psoas muscle,Quadratus muscle ,Pyriformis muscle

Currently, ultrasound is used (ultrasound) and the patient undergoes 6 sessions, through the use of ultrasound (sonar). Up to 10 sessions of 20 minutes each for best results.

Arthritis of the spine with the bones of the articular pelvis

sacroiliac joint arthropathy

This is what happens due to infrared rays.

A fracture of the vertebrae or osteoporosis of the vertebrae

The patient had an anemia fracture, which was injected with anesthesia in the affected vertebra and x-rays that could be inserted. For more information, please see the section "Cement Paragraphs"

Chest pain area

The first page from the back, it moves to the back, and it turns, it moves to the back, and it moves. Pain to the outside with the possibility of this occurring in the spine due to the impact of the area around the spine.

Neck pain

Pain resulting from the neck are the causes of the same causes of pain transmission (the back on the nerve roots) as a result of pressure, stent and condition. Diagnostic condition by fully examining the patient and comparing it to x-rays and magnetic resonance on the neck area. The reasons are:
Cervical joints
The simplicity of the pain is joints in the different types of pain caused by it, as well as its wide spread, where about eighty of the upper neck pain causes a popular type of headache (it will be mentioned in detail in the headache section) and the middle joints of the neck cause the pain in the neck.
Either upper chest from the back

Discogenic pain And treatment by excision of the cartilage, as stated above