The latest methods of treating knee pain and osteoarthritis with plasma injection and radio-frequency


The latest methods of treating knee pain and osteoarthritis with plasma injection and radio-frequency

There are two types of joints in the human body. this article is about the Sinovian joints. Or joints that contain a sticky substance. It protects the joint from the inside, the most important of which is the knee joint. And also the hip and shoulder joint

What is knee osteoarthritis:
It is a deficiency of albumin material inside the joint. In addition to the erosion of the inner cartilage of the joint, it occurs more frequently in the elderly. But it also occurs in our younger years. Especially in cases of cutting the cartilage in the knee. And cartilage ulcers

How is knee osteoarthritis treated? 
- In the beginning, the distance from the causative causes such as excess weight and continuous strong effort. And standing a lot and going up and down the stairs a lot. And also carrying heavy things

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and cartilage-strengthening medicines

Physical therapy and exercises to strengthen the joint supportive muscles

Interventional treatment

Surgical treatment such as knee joint replacement and knee arthroscopy

The latest methods of treating knee and joint osteoarthritis?

Plasma injection: It is one of the most recent methods, as we are distinguished at Dr. Mohamed Qoura Center by making plasma from the same patient. Minutes before the injection, in the most modern medical analysis unit specialized in the center to obtain the highest quality of platelets. To be injected directly into the joint under interventional radiology guidance. To ensure the best accuracy and best results

Hyaluronic injections or oil syringes: they are imported from America and Europe. And it has high viscosity. And the goal is that it is injected with plasma. This is to obtain the best quality, as it maintains the plasma for a longer period. To do its job in building cartilage. It also prevents friction inside the joint. And thus reduce pain and preserve the joint

Radio-Frequency: it is the latest interventional treatment method. Which works on pain centers within the joint. To relieve pain without affecting joint function. So the patient quickly returns to a normal life without pain

Because in the ORA premuim center we always take care of the patient's time and health, and our affirmation is that home is a key inside the center. As for the limited interventions, to treat the spine and the spine and roughness, we always provide the latest techniques and non-surgical techniques under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Kora. (Doctors' staff). We wish you a better life with ORA Clinics.