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best spine doctor in egypt

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best spine doctor in egypt


"Please note that interventional pain treatment is a highly specialized and sensitive field, where skill plays a crucial role alongside experience, scientific knowledge, and expertise. Therefore, choosing the best pain doctor in Egypt is a challenging process, especially with the significant openness in this field, resulting in a plethora of doctors. This can leave patients or beneficiaries in a real dilemma when making a choice due to the multitude of options and the absence of clear and regulated criteria for comparison or selection in Egypt.

Furthermore, some patients may not know who a pain doctor is, whether they are a medical doctor or not, and whether there is such a thing as pain treatment in reality or if it is mere quackery. The answer is that a pain doctor is a medical doctor who graduated from a medical school (specializing in anesthesia, critical care, and pain management). It is a general specialty that includes the three aforementioned sub-specialties. Afterward, they specialize in pain management and register with the Medical Syndicate as a specialist or consultant in pain management as a precise specialty. They conduct scientific research in this field and follow scientific journals and research in this domain.

In this article, we present why Dr. Mohamed Koura is considered one of the most skilled doctors currently in the medical field for treating disc herniations, joint inflammation, and arthritis, facial and head pain, and spinal pain without surgical intervention, to assist those looking for the best pain doctor for interventional treatment.

About Dr. Mohamed Koura:
Dr. Mohamed Koura is the head of the Limited Interventional Pain Management Unit at the Brain and Nerves Surgery Hospital. He is a member of the International Institute for Pain Management and holds a fellowship in interventional pain management from the United States, specifically Miami. He was the first to obtain:
- A certificate in spinal endoscopy training held in Munich, Germany.
- A certificate in pelvic and lower limb interventions supervised by the International Institute for Pain Management.
- A certificate from the International Pain Institute's general conference held in New York, USA.
- An interventional pain management certificate from Miami, USA.
- He participated in the Pain Management Conference held in Valencia, Spain.
- He also participated in the Joint Pain Management Conference held in Krakow, Poland.

Dr. Mohamed Koura is one of the best interventional pain doctors in Egypt and has performed thousands of successful interventional procedures to treat joint pain, laser-assisted disc decompression, knee injections, and the use of thermal frequency for treating head pain, cluster headaches, and the fifth nerve. He also utilizes techniques such as Clodiquir in treating hyperhidrosis and nerve canal narrowing using miniature endoscopy. Moreover, he possesses years of experience and various unique techniques that distinguish him from other doctors, combined with the complete trust of his patients.

Interventional Pain Clinic "Dr. Mohamed Koura":
The Interventional Pain Treatment Clinic, "Koura Clinic," was established under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Koura to meet the needs of many patients seeking the best doctor in Egypt for non-surgical pain treatment.

Dr. Mohamed Koura ensures the following in his private clinic:
- Daily sterilization of the clinic to prioritize patients' health and comfort, providing all necessary disinfectants, masks, and medical supplies, while adhering to social distancing rules for the safety of his patients.
- Daily monitoring of the latest advancements in interventional pain treatment without surgery.
- Regular attendance and participation in various international conferences to gain further expertise.
- Encouragement of sustained results for patients after their procedures.
- Prioritization of patients' quick recovery and minimal downtime to enable them to resume their daily lives comfortably.
- Work with a highly skilled team to take the medical history of each patient, accompanied by modern radiography, saving the patient's time.
- Providing ample time for each patient for discussion, addressing concerns, and answering all their questions.
- Researching the best alternatives for non-surgical treatment, using state-of-the-art techniques in interventional pain management, including thermal frequency therapy, miniature endoscopy, triple-frequency injections, laser therapy, Clodiquir, precise endoscopy, Estranavie, plasma injections, oil injections, and various other techniques.

Features of Dr. Mohamed Koura's Clinic:
- Treatment of neck disc herniation pain using various techniques such as laser, thermal frequency, and nerve root injections.
- Treatment of spinal column arthritis using thermal frequency therapy and therapeutic injections.
- Treatment of lumbar disc herniation pain through miniature endoscopy, laser decompression, and thermal frequency.
- Treatment of knee and joint pain with thermal frequency, plasma injections, and stem cell treatment.
- Treatment of facial and head pain using thermal frequency.
- Treatment of cancer pain using thermal frequency.
- Treatment of shingles pain using thermal frequency.
- Treatment of fibromyalgia with drug therapy.
- Treatment of excessive sweating of hands and feet with thermal frequency."

Please note that the name "Koura" was retained in the translation, as it appears to be a proper name. If you need any further assistance, feel free to ask.