Treatment of spinal canal stenosis without surgery

To diagnose spinal stenosis, your doctor may ask you about signs and symptoms, discuss your medical history, and conduct a physical examination. He or she may order several imaging tests to help pinpoint the cause of your signs and symptoms.

Pain Management in Cases with Cervical Disc Prolapses

The neck is one of the sensitive areas in the human body, as it carries the heaviest part of the human body, which is the head, which weighs in average sizes 5 kg and has the connection point between the brain and the body, as it is responsible for connecting the cervical vertebrae with the vertebrae of the spine

Shoulder pain due to osteoarthritis treatment

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint is less common than that of other joints such as the knee, but it greatly affects the movement of the entire upper limb due to the patient’s inability to effectively employ the upper limb.

Slipped cartilage aspiration without surgery

It is done by means of a device that enters through the skin with a local anesthetic and sucks the protruding part of the cartilage, thus reducing the area of the cartilage from the inside, thus reducing the area of external slip and the nerve becomes free and the problem ends and is characterized by safety and effectiveness

Treatment of sweating of hands without surgery

The body's secretion of sweat is a natural thing that occurs from physical activities, high temperatures, fear and tension, but some people suffer from excessive sweating of the hands without exposure to causes that lead to this, such as exposure to high temperatures or going through states of fear and tension. Excessive sweating of the hands causes a lot of embarrassment when shaking hands with others.